Directors' Subcommittees

Remuneration Committee

Michael Rowan

This committee is responsible for the scale and structure of the remuneration of the Chairman, the Chief Executive, the Executive Directors and the direct reports to the Chief Executive. The recommendations of the committee must be approved by the Board of Directors before they can be approved. No director or manager shall be involved in decisions relating to his/her own remuneration.

AIM Rules Compliance Committee

Brian Evans-Jones

This committee is charged with ensuring that the company has in place sufficient procedures, resources and controls to ensure compliance with the AIM rules for companies. Among other things, the committee shall ensure that an Executive Director is at all times able to respond to requests for information from the nominated adviser and that all Directors and employees are aware of their obligations with regards to the disclosure of any trading in the Company's shares.

Audit Committee

Michael Rowan

This committee is required to monitor the integrity of the financial statements of the company, including the interim and annual reports. The committee also reviews financial returns to regulators and any financial information contained in announcements of a price sensitive nature. The committee shall also consider and make recommendations to the Board, to be put to shareholders for approval at the AGM, as to the appointment or re-appointment of the company's external auditor and together with the external auditors, determines the scope of the audit.