About Us

Active Energy is a London Stock Exchange quoted (AIM: AEG.L) next generation international forestry management and biomass based renewable energy business.  The Group focusses its activities through Timberlands International Ltd (‘Timberlands’) which secures forestry asset management and development opportunities in various international territories and Advanced Biomass Solutions Plc (“ABS”), which is focussed on advanced biomass coal replacement fuels and fuel processing systems, with a particular emphasis on the further development and global commercial roll out of its transformational direct drop-in replacement biomass fuel, CoalSwitch™. 

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Active Energy is a fast-expanding business with an innovative forward-looking strategy designed to optimise resources and opportunities, to maximise efficiencies and ROI, and to deliver lasting value to all stakeholders.  Respect for the environment, through careful stewardship of natural resources, optimisation of production and logistics operations, and investment in innovative carbon-neutral technologies, is core to its overall business strategy.

The relationships with forestry owners through Timberlands operations allows the Company to maximise the value of standing timber assets.  This is achieved through the implementation of modern international standard forestry practises, efficient logging and processing operations and importantly, converting low-grade material, primarily non-saw logs/technical lumber and forestry thinnings, into industrial wood fibre and green energy power generation, via ABS, while simultaneously conserving and replenishing forests for future generations.

The culmination of years of intensive research, investment and development into low-polluting sustainable energy sources, the Company’s unique ABS fuel, CoalSwitch™, which directly replaces highly-polluting coal in traditional power plants, is set to transform the global biomass arena.  With its unique composition and physical properties, in particular, being derived from forestry waste, the revolutionary biomass fuel is looking to significantly reduce emissions, improve the global renewable energy dynamic and allow coal fired power plants to save millions on retrofitting as environmental legislation phases out the use of coal. 

Alongside managing and developing existing business activities, the Board is constantly investigating new technologies and working processes that can draw upon its experience in the forestry, agriculture and renewable energy industries, to deliver long-term value for our shareholders, whilst respecting and protecting the planet.

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Additionally, the Company has an interest in an established MDF processing business in Ukraine – previously known as AEG WoodFibre, which it is intending to divest.